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Simple Server Ping and Reboot Monitor

I think we have all rebooted a server and then asked ourselves “Did it actually reboot?”. So we hunt through the logs for the event and then move on or reboot it again. During patch day for the servers this can be a real nag, knowing when something is back online so you can finish patching it; is key to getting the job done. So I wrote this little batch script a while ago to help keep track.

Once it’s started via the command of ‘pingmon servername’. It will echo the time it started monitoring, then the alive time of a successful ping back. Once the host goes dead, it will echo the time it went dead or lost ping. Then it will echo the time it has gone alive again and quit. Simple batch script with one purpose, to make the administrator’s life simple.

Just copy and paste the script below into notepad and save it as “pingmon.cmd”

@echo off

rem Bohack - pingmon.cmd - 2002i

set ipname=%1

if {%ipname%}=={} (GOTO :errhand)

set /a calive=0
set /a cdead=0
set /a cexit=0

echo Monitoring %ipname%
echo ** Started %date% - %time%


FOR /F “skip=3 tokens=1,2*” %%a IN (’ping -n 1 %ipname%’) DO CALL :checkdo %%a
if %cexit% EQU 1 (goto :mend)

goto :loop


set reply=%1
if {%reply%}=={} (goto :end)
set replytruc=%reply:~0,5%
if /I {%replytruc%}=={Reply} (goto :alive)
if /I {%replytruc%}=={Reque} (goto :dead)
goto :end


if %calive% EQU 0 (echo ** Alive %date% - %time%)
set /a calive=1
if %cdead% GTR 0 (echo ** Alive %date% - %time%) & (set /a cexit=1)

goto :end


if %cdead% LSS 1 (echo ** Dead  %date% - %time%)
set /a cdead=1

goto :end


echo Usage PingMon {computer or IP}